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Sessions & Timetable


Adult sessions are quite informal, with people of mixed ability and experience all rowing together for fun and fitness or training for competition. The weeknight session are geared towards competent rowers that no longer need supervision on the water (while rowing withing the Club's restrictions and guidelines for safe rowing and sculling). Coaching is provided, but there is freedom to row as you wish. This continues into the weekend sessions, with Sunday's coaching being specifically geared towards L2R courses and new rowers.

Our junior sessions are currently split into 3 different groups. After completing a Learn 2 Row course you will progress into the first group, which is known as Group 1. From here you will continue to develop your skills learnt from the L2R course. In addition you will start to gather a wider understanding of the sport. Then Group 2 caters for those who progress to a higher standard of competence and can follow exercises and progressive training plans with less supervision. Finally should you be intersted in the world of racing, you will be provided with the opportunity to move into our racing orientated group, known as Group 3. These sessions are primarily dedicated to developing yourself as a competitive athlete and helping you achieve your own goals while representing the Club at events.

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