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The Boston Rowing Marathon

The Boston Rowing Marathon takes place on the third Sunday of September each year, over the exceptionally long distance of 49.2 km (30.6 miles). The course is along the River Witham from Lincoln to Boston. The long distance of the event makes it unique in British rowing and thus attracts many entries from around the world, some competing for time, others only wanting to complete the distance. The event is also unusual in accepting entries from all categories of rowing and sculling.

The event started as a one-off competitive wager in 1946. This original row was upstream from Boston to Lincoln and was repeated for the next 3 years as a private event. Then In 1949, Crowland Rowing Club also competed, and the course was reversed to finish at the boathouse in Boston... mainly as the pub was next door. In 1950 the event was opened to all competitors and has remained so to this day.

Entries for the Boston Rowing Marathon are by British Rowing's Online Entry system. All appropriate documentation for competitors and spectators can be found in the download links below.

The Target times - Pace Guide is a useful guide for competitors new to the course. 

* Any documentation for Volunteers and Race Officials will be distributed as appropriate on or before the race

Resources and Documentation

Marathon Poster

Up-to-Date photos of the course...

Marathon Safety Plan 2019 

Competitor's Instructions

Target Times - Pace Guide

Full Risk Assessment

Race Draw

Course Map  (Full)

Course Map  (Start)

Results  by Event

Course Map  (Bardney Lock)

Results  by Time

Course Map  (Finish)

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