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Recreational Membership

The basics...

For those who are keen to row, volunteer and learn more along the way, but do not wish to become involved in Club racing we offer an intermediate Recreational Membership for over 18's, This entitles you to attend the club sessions and access the coaching available, while not taking advantage of our racing program. You will however be able to attend any regional to international recreational rowing events organised by British Rowing or Boston Rowing Club. These can take place all over the country and throughout the year. They are often referred to as touring. Attended by a variety of clubs, its a good way to see stretches of the waterways than we would often not get access to while racing, and meet like-minded rowers. These tours can be a half or full days activity with lunch stops included. They can also be held over consecutive days and cover hundreds of Kms, so there is something for everyone.

* All Recreational Rowing events use our more stable touring boats

Fee: £300 per year

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