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The Boston Rowing Marathon

The Boston Rowing Marathon was first held in 1946 and has been held continuously except for a cancellation in 2000 and a postponement in September 2011 whereby the rescheduled event took place in April 2012.

The event starts at Lincoln Rowing Club (Stamp End) and continues along the length of the River Witham 31 miles. The event has one lock at Bardney whereby the crews have to disembark, carry their boat around the lock to boat again on the other side, the race finishes at Boston Rowing Club.

Crews will be started off at 1-2 minute intervals from 08:30am and with 200 boats the last boat enters Boston at approximately 4pm.

If you have any questions please ask a committee member.

Thank you very much,

Boston Rowing Club.


We have been monitoring the course over the summer and have been working with the CRT and EA to get the course in the best possible shape. Conditions over the last week have significantly changed following the release of weed from several of the side channels. This has led to a weed build up in the middle of the course from Kirkstead to Tattershall. For those who know the course, this is the stretch with plenty of bends. We continue to work with both the CRT and EA and we have been assured that additional resources will be deployed to remove as much as is possible. We have arrangements in place to test the conditions by rowing the affected stretch during the weekend and early next week. If entrants are concerned about their ability to complete the course in conditions that are unlikely to be straightforward then we would just like to remind everyone that entries can be withdrawn up to close of entries on Monday. This will also be fair to other contestants when we prepare the draw. The course will be assessed over the next week and we will be having a full course survey on Wednesday and our safety review on Thursday. We are confident that we will be holding the marathon but are aware that further deterioration in the weed situation may render the course too challenging for us to safely hold the event. This situation is frustrating both for entrants and organisers as you will be aware that our own members have been working hard to make the event the success everyone has come to expect.

If the situation changes either way we will be posting updates,

Regards Robert.